What to Expect During an Odor Treatment for Your House?

An odor treatment for your house or business can be a great way to remove unwanted smells and improve the air quality in your living or working space. You may feel overwhelmed when you think of the causes of odors in your home or business. Foul smells result from an abundance of odor molecules sitting around your space!

Don’t worry; many odor treatment solutions for your house or business can target and eliminate these odor molecules, and Indoor Air and Odor Management’s highly-trained staff will assist in making the right choice. We will have your home or office space smelling fresh and clean quickly. If you need any of our services and advice on removing an unwanted odor, contact our skilled team by phone at 321-890-0860 or email info@odorremovalandmore.com to start the process today.

What is an Odor Treatment?

An odor treatment for your house or business involves using specialized equipment to remove odor-causing particles from the air. The treatments are designed to attack odor molecules at their source, eliminating them. No matter the size of your space, Indoor Air and Odor Management has you covered. We specialize in homes and office spaces and have effectively removed foul smells for many renters, homeowners, and businesses.

We can service buildings used for the hospitality industry, like hotel and motel rooms.

A few other locations we can provide our odor treatment services are:

– Single-family homes
– Apartments and condos
– Schools and daycare centers.
– Military bases
– Offices
– Gyms and locker rooms
– Retail
– Equipment rental centers
– And much more!

Why Choose an Odor Treatment for Your House?

There are many causes of odors in your home. Indoor Air and Odor Management can provide the best solution to your foul-smelling issues. Whether your odor results from a lingering issue or something remedied by a one-time job, we’re here to help.

Some typical odor causes are:

– Food waste and garbage
– Untreated pet accidents
– Moisture problems (mold, mildew, etc.)
– Dirty carpets – carpet quickly absorbs unwanted scents like smoke, pet urine, and spilled milk.
– Furniture and Drapes – like carpets, the fabric is a big culprit in retaining unwanted smells within its fibers.
– Paint
– Smoke caused by electrical wires
– The aftermath of a small fire

What Are The Benefits of this Service with Indoor Air & Odor Management?

There are many benefits to having an odor treatment performed in your home.

Benefits of treatment with Indoor Air and Odor Management include:

– You hire an expert team who does all the work using the latest odor-removal techniques.
– You save time and money by eliminating the purchase of store-bought remedies that never altogether remove the odor.
– Our treatments are family and pet safe because we neutralize odors at the molecular level. Your family doesn’t have to smell volatile chemicals or harsh fragrances.
– You have improved air quality for your family and guests.
– Service you can trust from Indoor Air and Odor Management. In addition to eliminating bad smells, we create a home you want to return to and where you feel comfortable breathing.

What Should I Expect?

During an odor treatment with Indoor Air and Odor Management, our highly-trained technician will first assess the areas of your home that need to be treated.

After the assessment, our technician will treat your home using the latest odor-removal technology. If you have an ozone gas treatment, our equipment will penetrate even the smallest of spaces and work to eliminate odors on the molecular level. This treatment ensures nothing is left behind to bring those awful smells back to bother you. Depending on the severity of the odor, the duration of an odor treatment may vary, and residents, employees, or guests will need to vacate the premises during treatment.

After the odor treatment for your house or business, our professional will test the air quality in your home to ensure the odor has been removed and your location is safe.

It truly is that simple!

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It’s time to rid your home or office of all those pesky odors and molecules that hide in your space.

If you require regularly-scheduled service or just a one-time deep-cleaning, then there’s no one better in the Brevard area than Indoor Air and Odor Management. Our highly-trained team will weed out bad odors. While working quickly with providing top-tier service, we’ll have your rooms smelling clean and fresh sooner than you know.

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