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Think about all the germs and bacteria that you come in contact with during the day. From the time you wake up until the time you go to bed, your hands touch surfaces that are covered in bacteria—the kitchen counter, door handles, remote controls, etc. You then touch your face, and we all know that is the easiest way to end up sick and feeling miserable. Not to mention the foul smell coming from all those odor molecules sitting around your home! That’s where our disinfectant-fogging services can help. Our first-class mold fogger technology will sanitize your home or office and have it smell fresh in a flash! Our fogging service is also pet safe!

Why choose disinfectant fogging?

There are many reasons to choose disinfectant fogging as a way to sanitize your home. Mold fogging is an effective way to rid your spaces of:

– Viruses
– Bacteria
– Fungi
– Mold
– Mildew
– and other harmful substances

After just one application, our mold fogger services can neutralize foul odors, disease-causing germs, and irritating allergens. This is immensely helpful to those who experience frequent allergic reactions or are prone to getting sick easily.

This disinfectant that we use in the fogging process is:

– Non-toxic
– Non-caustic
– Non-staining
– Non-corrosive
– Non-carcinogenic
– and pH neutral

The disinfectant fogging process doesn’t stop giving once it’s finished. Even after we’re done doing our work, the fog helps to prevent future build-up of those molecules we just dealt with! You cannot go wrong with a mold fogger!

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It’s time to rid your home or office of all those pesky odors and molecules that hide in your space.

If you’re in need of regularly-scheduled service or just a one-time deep-cleaning, then there’s no one better in the Brevard area than Indoor Air & Odor Management. Our highly-trained team will weed out bad odors and harmful bacteria with our state-of-the-art disinfectant fogging technology. Working quickly while providing top-tier service, we’ll have your rooms smelling clean and fresh sooner than you know.

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