My condo, due to lack of ventilation and few windows, it didn’t smell right. Mine and my husband’s nose got congested every night and his snoring got really bad, more than in our previous apartment. A friend recommended me to Indoor Air and Odor Management. After the treatment there was no more musty smell and that night, mine and my husband’s nose was no longer congested and his snoring went back to normal. I had a great night sleep for the first time in our new condo. Thanks, Indoor Air and Odor Management! I will definitely recommend you all.

Dennise, Miami, March 2021

This room had been smoked in for 15 years. We’ve cleaned it from top to bottom, shampooed the carpets, changed the carpets, and had it painted and it still smelled like cigarette smoke. We couldn’t put anyone in that room.
After John did a treatment, it doesn’t smell anymore. It’s back in service.

Residential Services, May 2019 (USAF Base)

We were getting headaches every day in our classroom. The custodians cleaned the room multiple times, and tried everything they could, and nothing worked. John said he could help, I must admit, I didn’t think it was possible. He set up everything in the afternoon and the next morning we couldn’t believe it. It smells clean and fresh. Thank you so very much.

School Teacher, Sept 2017

I recently moved to Melbourne, Fl. Unfortunately, I found out after I moved into the house, that it had odor issues. The house smelled like it had multiple pets and cat urine and had a very musty smell. I had a difficult time sleeping in the house. Thankfully, I found Indoor Air and Odor Management. They came out and did a great job. Now the house smells fresh and clean. I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Indoor Air and Odor Management. Thanks, John!

Barbara W. Melbourne, FL Oct, 2021

I had my AC system cleaned a few months ago with the hopes of having clean air in my house. It didn’t seem to help much. I tried sprays, jars of air fresheners, and nothing worked. A friend referred me to Indoor Air and Odor Management. I called, and they came to my home that day. They explained how the process works and how it would help, so I had them do a treatment. What a difference it made. I’m very happy with the results. I wish I would’ve contacted them sooner. Thank you!

D. Satellite Beach, FL, Nov 2021

I have a rental that the previous tenant smoked in. I couldn’t get rid of the smell, but John came out and took care of it. I would recommend them to anyone and wouldn’t hesitate to call them again.

Steven P. Palm Bay FL, Sept 2021


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