Is an Odor Treatment Safe for Pets?

Whether from a pet, child, home accident, or amateur chef, unwanted odors can stop homeowners in their tracks. Homeowners often ask what can be done to resolve or remove odors. The next question is about the safety of family members and pets. Traditional methods like candles, air fresheners, and Febreze only mask the problem rather than solve it. Some air fresheners can be harmful to pets, whether breathed in through the air or ingested by eating an entire gel air freshener. Additionally, owners must understand that pet accident odors will intensify over time, so it is best to resolve and treat the issue as quickly as possible instead of trying to mask the smell. Indoor Air & Odor Management offers a pet safe odor treatment to all of our customers, so there is no reason to put off scheduling your services today.

The best way to safely remedy a lingering, smelly situation is to hire an Indoor Air and Odor Management expert to resolve your issue. Our trained and certified staff utilize the most natural odor-eliminating and environmentally friendly processes on the market. It leaves absolutely no residue or cover-up behind. A non-toxic odor removal treatment allows everyone in the house, including your pets, to resume regular activity safely and quickly.

If you are struggling with an odor issue in your home, contact us today for a free consultation. We will be happy to help you find a solution that works best for you and your family—including your furry friends! Indoor Air and Odor Management is Brevard County’s premier odor removal company. See how our highly-trained staff can help you today by calling 321-890-0860 or emailing us to schedule a consultation at

 Keeping Pets Safe is Key

The experienced and knowledgeable technicians of Indoor Air and Odor Management can identify the source of your odor problem and create a customized pet-safe odor treatment plan to eliminate it, no matter the size of your space. Using state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly, non-toxic solutions, we will quickly and safely remove odors from your home without causing any long-term issues for Spot or Buffy.

Indoor Air and Odor Management’s pet-safe odor treatments penetrate even the smallest spaces and eliminate odors on the molecular level. We have the know-how and professional products to remove complex odor problems at their source. This treatment ensures that nothing is left behind to bring those awful smells back to bother you. Odor elimination will not only make your home more pleasant for you and your family, but it will also help to protect your investment by preventing further damage.

What is an Odor Treatment?

A pet-safe odor treatment is a great way to get rid of smells on your carpets, furniture, and more! An odor removal treatment from Indoor Air and Odor Management will eliminate odors from every corner of your home. Our treatment uses a natural enzyme to break down the molecules that cause odors. It is a non-toxic, eco-friendly alternative to traditional chemical cleaners. Our treatments are safe for pets and children and will not damage your furniture or clothing. Although you will need to leave your home during treatment, you and your furry (and some not-so-furry) friends will be welcomed back home to a clean and fresh home within a few short hours.
What are the Benefits of an Odor Treatment?

Our treatments are also a great way to get rid of smells on your carpets, furniture, and more! There are many benefits to using our odor removal treatment, including the following:

-Eliminating odors from your carpets, furniture, and clothing

-Safe for pets and children

-Eco-friendly and non-toxic

-Does not damage your furniture or clothing


Why Should I Hire a Professional to Treat My Odor?

Unwanted smells are something homeowners traditionally cannot tackle alone. While its crucial odors are addressed quickly, handling them is sometimes more challenging than expected. At-home remedies seldom eliminate the odor over the long haul. Utilizing Indoor Air and Odor Management’s professional team to treat odors allows for quick and effective remediation of the area to prevent permanent damage to a home’s interiors. Top-tier professionals like those we employ are trained to deal with these issues daily and work quickly to remove all traces of foul smells.

We specialize wherever you need us.

Homes and office spaces are just some of the locations where we’re able to bring our expertise. We’ve worked with renters, homeowners, and businesses to rid their properties of foul smells.

We can service buildings used for the hospitality industry, like hotel and motel rooms. Does your car, truck, or RV need a refresher? We can also do that. Name it, and we can get it smelling fresh in no time!

A few other locations we can service are:

Single-family homes

Apartments and condos

Schools and daycare centers

Military bases


Gyms and locker rooms


Equipment rental centers

And much more!

Schedule Your Pet Safe Odor Treatment Today!

It’s time to rid your home or office of all those lingering and unwanted odors that find a way to permeate your day! Our odor removal treatment is the perfect solution if you want a safe and effective way to eliminate odors from your home. There’s no one better in the Brevard area than Indoor Air and Odor Management. Our highly-trained team will address the smells effectively and quickly, and as you would expect with our top-tier team, we’ll have your home smelling clean and fresh. Odor elimination is just the beginning; a healthier environment is the goal!

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Odor elimination is just the beginning; a healthier environment is the goal.


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